Primer Premio de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (Mariano Martin Estudio)

Primer Premio de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (Mariano Martin Estudio)BAR LOS ZURITOS​

In the past century, our studio embarked on a journey, creating a bar in Madrid that holds a special place in our hearts. We crafted a cozy and sophisticated ambiance with white concrete and exquisite iroko wood. This bar swiftly became a reference in Madrid’s tapeo scene, captivating food and interior architecture enthusiasts. With unwavering passion, we meticulously designed every detail, from enchanting lights to comfortable stools and a unique logo, all aimed at delivering an unmatched experience. It became a beloved gathering spot where unforgettable nights were shared with dear friends, savoring delectable food and refreshing drinks. This project fueled our exploration of interior architecture, forging cherished memories that forever resonate within us.

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