Samara Lombok is located in one of the few unspoilt paradise son earth, and we’re determined to keep it this way. Both our selected architect partners – SUKYF architects Dubai, 2M and Biombo – share our vision of sustainable luxury living in harmony with nature, contributing to the development of our masterplan, which was designed to be highly sympathetic to the local culture, community and nature.

Our villas draw inspiration from Lombok’s layered paddy fields, through being embedded into the topography. This concept affords each villa to be nestled amongst the lush tropical vegetation, boasting stunning sea-views whilst ensuring maximum privacy for each plot. Roads have been cut with minimum intrusion and much of our site kept as buggy-track only, with carefully Top — Villa, Samara Lombok, sculptured landscaping and trails.

 The art of listening”. Founded in 1995, Sukyf is an internationally renowned architecture design studio. Since 1995, Felipe González Jiménez de la Espada has acquired an impressive portfolio of private, corporate and commercial clients in 15 countries around the world. Its headquarters are based in Madrid, Spain. 

He leads an international team of professionals with the responsibility of make them understand how important is to chase the principal of making the difference in every moment to become singular and make each one of the clients to be singular no matter which would be the scale of their projects.

Sukyf Studio creates bespoke modern minimalist architecture, interiors, furnitures and product designs. The concept of blending exterior, interior and product design skills with context, culture and environment. 

The most important part of an studio firm is listen to the clients, spending time with them letting them open themselves to us in order to squeeze until the last drop of their personality in order to translate that into the character of each individual architecture or element that sukyf design, always searching for the perfect fusion on elements for that one singular design.