Set on more than 32,000 square feet of lush jungle terrain in Canggu in North Kuta, Villa Suami is an ode to family, nature and 20th century modernism. Designed by architect Felipe Gonzalez of Sukyf & ArchitectS, the open plan home combines cement, wood and stone, and features large indoor and outdoor spaces that merge into one main living space.
“We love their aesthetic as they have a beautiful way of paying tribute to classic design philosophies while integrating modern lines and luxuries,” Sena says of Sukyf ”The awesome is elegant with an unmistakeable sense of integrity and quality.” Turtling the 10,700 square foot villa into a home was no simple feat. Sena describes the project as a “tough, mission:’ as the site is surrounded by a protected greenbelt and pierced by a river. Instead of imposing their will on the wild landscape, Sena and Paul Husband, a specialiSt in retail real estate, wanted their home to complement the natural environment. The river is now a focal point of their home, running
not only through the expansive gardens, hut also through
the villa between the bedrooms on the ground floor. “It is thought to be very auspicious in Balinese culture to have a river running through the home,” says Sena. The greenbelt, too, is now one of their favourite features. “The view from every corner of the house is lush and offers a true sense of privacy,” she notes. This reverence for nature continues inside the home, which is punctuated with numerous large scale Japanese bonsai trees and showcases a living wall of greenery on the ground floor.