Situated amidst the enchanting landscapes of Canggu in North Kuta, Villa Suami spans over 32,000 square feet of verdant jungle terrain. It stands as a tribute to family, nature, and 20th-century modernism. Designed by architect Felipe Gonzalez from Sukyf & ArchitectS, this remarkable abode seamlessly combines cement, wood, and stone, creating a harmonious blend of materials. Its expansive layout encompasses generous indoor and outdoor spaces that seamlessly merge into one central living area.

Sena, the homeowner, expresses admiration for Sukyf’s aesthetic, which artfully pays homage to classic design philosophies while incorporating modern elements and luxurious touches. She describes the villa as an elegant manifestation of integrity and quality. Transforming the sprawling 10,700 square foot property into a cozy home presented a formidable challenge. The site is encompassed by a protected greenbelt and traversed by a river. Instead of imposing their will on the untamed landscape, Sena and her husband Paul Husband, a retail real estate specialist, aimed to create a home that harmonizes with the natural environment.

Nestled in Canggu’s lush landscapes, Villa Suami is a tribute to family, nature, and 20th-century modernism. Designed by architect Felipe Gonzalez of Sukyf & ArchitectS, this open-plan home combines cement, wood, and stone. It features spacious indoor and outdoor areas that seamlessly blend into a central living space.

The villa gracefully integrates with the surrounding natural environment. A river flows through the property, creating a captivating focal point. Additionally, a greenbelt offers privacy and stunning views. Inside, large Japanese bonsai trees and a living wall of greenery add to the home’s organic charm.

Villa Suami exemplifies the perfect harmony between architecture and nature. It embraces the tranquility of its surroundings and creates a serene retreat for its residents.