MALDIVES -This commission was exercise through our sister company Proyeco. We work on reciproque bases combining both expertise into a join turn key solution. The roll of Proyeco is related to consultancy services of civil estructural and engineering and project management combined with the architectural interior design and landscaping consultancy services provided by Sukyf that leads this consortium of companies as one of the leading teams around the world.

Currently based on more than 25 countries the tandem in between Proyeco & Sukyf has been one the most successful integral consulting of services that can cover the needs of any client corporate – private – institutional or gubernamental in terms from the Concept or Preliminary Design phases until the handover of the project, no mater what is the nature or the scale of it.

All Images and videos displayed on this project are just part of the mood board ideas for the initial preliminary designs, they have public access and does not belong to the intelectual property of Sukyf Arch & Art.

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